Elizabeth Gilbert came out this past year.

We came upon this article written about the increased numbers of same sex marriages later in life and were fascinated. It was based on the Office of National Statistic in the UK who had begun to compile figures and statistics relating to same-sex marriages.

“The reports findings suggest that coming out in later life is becoming a growing trend: Men generally formalized their relationship with a same sex partner at older ages than women. ”

Many of us have read about Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert who found romance with her best friend.   But, this is no longer unusual. There are plenty of reasons for this growing trend according to an article in The Telegraph.

“Earlier this year,¬†Last Tango in Halifax¬†star Sarah Lancashire said¬†women in later life were inspired to come out as lesbians¬†after being inspired by the show. Speaking at Hay Festival, the actress said her character had an “extraordinary impact” on the British public, and that female fans had told her: “Because of watching the show ‘I came out to my mum’.”

“Positive representation in the media of LGBT people is¬†incredibly important, it helps people to feel like they’re not alone or that there is something wrong with them,” says Prendergast, “Brookside aired the first lesbian kiss on TV¬†in the nineties and back then it caused an uproar.”

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