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Hey, I love my kids , I do. But they have lives, they have wives and everyone is busy. But I’m pretty proud of being a Mom, it’s one of my most favorite jobs besides writing and publishing BA50.

So this year I’ve taken Mother’s Day into my own hands. As the years tick on I’m all about adventure – doing what I love and not wasting time doing what I don’t. This year after 8 years on a road bike that is hurting my back because my body is ever-evolving, I’m going for comfort, more safety and a bit of ease. I’m shopping for a Gravel bike (larger tires), that is a hybrid so I can get an electric boost when I damn well please – No judgement!

“The best electric gravel bikes combine two of cycling’s hottest trends. The mix of gravel riding with electric bikes gives you the off-road capability of the former and the extra power of the latter to up your gravel enjoyment while getting the benefits of riding an electric bike.”

The research is essential required reading for a new bike due to the insane expense and, the reality that, if I don’t love it, I won’t ride it as much. I know I want to ride off road on the dirt roads, not jumping down single track narrow hillsides, just off road. I want to continue to train for my 38th Pan Mass Challenge which this year I will ride about 80 miles and fundraise once again for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I want my bike to be pretty and light and better than any I’ve ever had.


If you are thinking of a bike definitely do your research because there’s so much to choose from.

Here’s a great research piece I found to be super helpful from Cycling Weekly.

“Although there’ll be a few specific things that you’ll need to consider when buying an e gravel bike, most of what you’ll need to check out is the same as for any electric bike. That includes the motor type, placement and torque, battery size and range, bike weight, and, of course, your budget. Check out our handy guide on how to buy an e-bike here.

Don’t think that electric gravel bikes are simply for riding off-road though. Just like conventional gravel bikes, they can also make great town bikes or commuters, thanks to their plentiful mounting points (usually including mudguard and rack mounts), sturdy wide tires and wide range gearing which comes in especially handy when you’re carrying a lot of luggage.

You’ll need to consider safe storage and charging, as these bikes tend to be pretty pricey. Check out our pick of the best E-bikes for more urban options and our best gravel and adventure bikes for non-electric options to consider too.”

Click here to read more

Here’s some of the bikes I’m considering…






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