a report from the front lines of datingFor some adult children, mothers and online dating appear to have much in common: both can be stress-inducing and embarrassing, whether they like to admit it or not. That might make them seem like an odd couple when it comes to helping kids looking to couple off, but one new dating site is betting on them being exactly that, and a quite effective pairing, too. At MotherHen Dating, mothers help their grown kids find love…and the kids are happy to let them do it.

Founded by tired 20-somethings frustrated with online dating feeling like a second job when they were already overworked at their first one, MotherHen was built with a simple premise in mind: busy singles were lacking the time (and increasingly, patience) needed to get anything out of the online dating game, while most moms were more than happy to help their kids find love, but were (sometimes) afraid of being too overbearing. When one of the founders’ mothers tried setting them up on a date, the kids at MotherHen got thinking, then coding. Let mothers act as matchmakers for their children, while creating clear boundaries so they can’t interfere with the matches they make.

Mothers start by creating a profile for their kids, specially designed to take advantage of the old adage that mom knows best. Then, based on the child’s personality and goals, MotherHen sends mom a daily set of matches the site thinks their kid might like. If mom agrees, they approve the match, and if the suitor’s mother approves it as well, then the match is sent to both kids. The catch: the kids are notified independent of the site, and are free to get in touch or ignore the match if they’re not interested. As a result, the moms can’t intervene — once they’ve made the match, their job is done, and the rest is out of their hands. The site also caters to “Other Hens” — aunts, fathers, and second cousins thrice removed are welcome too.

From the kids’ perspective, what makes MotherHen different from other sites is its marriage of dating-churning algorithms and a much-needed human touch. By the time a match hits their inbox, it has been pre-vetted on two levels — not only does the site think a match is compatible, but mom agrees as well. The two-step threshold establishes a quality-over-quantity foundation — MotherHen would rather send kids one great match a week than waste their time with a daily deluge of matches that will never pan out. For the kids, the combination of better matches with no time or effort on their end leaves them with nothing to lose (not to mention the added benefit of giving mom an outlet to help out without getting in the way). And if they’re looking for the kind of match they can bring home to their parents, these ones come pre-approved.


Right now, the site is in Beta–Mothers can sign up, but the matching algorithms are still being perfected. While the site will eventually start charging a monthly membership fee, it’s free to sign up, and users who sign up during the Beta period will receive all of features free for the first two months. So, go set up your account today.



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