Having a small master bedroom doesn’t need to be a design headache anymore, with modern interior ideas helping to make clever use of a smaller space. It’s all about making the most of the many options that are available to you, to make sure you can have the luxurious bedroom you’ve always dreamt of. If you’re having trouble thinking up great uses for your space or how to make it seem bigger, there are a few tips and tricks that designers deploy to great effect…


Combine your bed with your storage space. When choosing the most important part of your room (the bed), opt for a divan bed – a really smart option for saving space. With plenty of storage space underneath the mattress, you can hide away any clutter or clothing that you’d rather was kept out of sight, or to store the overflow from your wardrobe – great for shoes and handbags! Divan Bed Centre has a huge variety, as well as mattress toppers if you’d like that extra level of comfort.


Visually expand the room. An excellent way to make your room seem bigger is to hang some mirrors which, if positioned correctly, can instantly make it feel like the space has doubled. If you have a large wardrobe space, try installing sliding mirrors instead of cupboard doors to disguise the space within, or prop some full length free-standing mirrors against a wall for the same sleek and modern effect. Perfect for getting ready for a night out AND expanding your master bedroom!


Stick to light colours. If your space is limited, avoid using dark colours as this will only make your room feel smaller than it already is. Keep to neutral, light and pastel colours to make the room feel more airy and spacious, as well as keeping a clean and modern theme throughout. For a really bright effect, paint the walls a neutral white and keep the floorboards bare and bleached, before adding in white sheets with neutral beiges for the bedding. To add a dash of colour that won’t eat into your spacious white effect, you can add in some bright throw cushions, curtains, or a fabulous shaggy rug. You can also keep the clean aesthetic by using white furniture within the room, if you have the space.


Be clever with your lighting. Light can be an ally or a mortal enemy when it comes to making a space seem bigger – if it’s too dark the room can seem small and dingy, and the right brightness can make a room seem almost twice the size. Try to keep as much natural light as possible flowing into the room in the daytime by getting rid of any light-restricting blinds and hanging floaty white drapes instead. Install wall lights in any dark corners of the room to illuminate these, or hang strings of fairy lights in darker areas to add a colourful and creative touch.



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