In the middle of summer season, you may feel like you’re stuck in an unfashionable rut. This is the time of year that we get too comfortable re-wearing our old clothes and sticking to old reliables.  Have no fear about letting go of past seasons clothing obsessions. We are so into these new trends for summer and know that you will be just as excited about them too to excite your wardrobe! From desert sands hues to woven hand bags, there are so many fabulously chic and stylish looks to try out! Emphasize dressing up again and kicking your fashion into high gear! Here are the 5 fashion forward trends you need to update your summer wardrobe for a chic and stylish rest of the season!

1. Sandy Hues

Shades of khakis and camels are perfect for transitional seasons. We love this natural hue for a simple and soft everyday look. It’s a classic color that looks great on any skin tone and we are loving that this on trend for the winter/spring season!

2. Get Dressed Up Again

With a very social season ahead, it feels like the perfect time to put on a dress again! Even if you are just going out for a quick lunch with friends, it’s time to start feeling the need to get a little extra dressed and dolled up than usual. We love these simple and chic dresses for a classy and casual look. They are especially great for warmth during the winter/spring time!

3. Dream Woven Bags

We are obsessed with this classic texture for a fall handbag! It adds a little something extra to your look with effortless ease. We are loving the handbag trend for spring as we are all getting ready to go out more and visit friends and family! Check out these chic woven bags here!


4. Tee Time

Perfect for staying or going out, a simple tee can be the best move. And the best layering piece! Whether black or white, a simple tee can be perfect for an everyday casual look! We know these t shirts will pair perfectly with jeans and make for an effortless look. These tees are the staples you need for your in-between season wardrobe!

5. Finishing Touches

Layering jewelry adds instant glam to any look! We often forget how easy it is to dress up any look with a little jewelry. We love these layered necklaces for a hint of chic sophistication and glam! Whether dressing up or down, these necklaces will pair perfectly with any look for the season!



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