Today I spoke again with  Certified Menopause Practitioners Dr. Claudia Levine and Nurse Practitioner Kate MacGlaughlin of Menopause Jewel Box about our changing bodies during and after menopause into our 70’s and beyond.  The first interview with Claudia Levine was about dry vaginas and what you can do about it. If you missed that conversation click here for a listen.

What you will learn during this interview is not only how and why UTI’s become more prevalent for BA50s as our bodies change but what are the best ways to prevent and manage our changing vaginal tissue.

Recommendations regarding lubricants and estrogen are incredibly helpful to learn about and why most of us may want to add these suggestions to our self-care routines. Please feel free to share this link with our friends or subscribe to to make sure you don’t miss out on our weekly Healthy Monday interviews and posts.


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