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No one told me anything about menopause.

So I swore I’d talk about it out loud so that women coming up behind me would know what to expect.  And, apparently, so did many other bloggers.

Which I think is good. Positive. Helpful


If I were a younger woman reading some of the posts I read, I’d be SCARED TO DEATH.

In fact, I find MYSELF getting scared to death when I read the litany of symptoms and conditions that plague menopausal women. There are hot flashes and memory lapses. There’s dry skin and dry hoochie coochies. There are vision problems, flagging libido and flab.  Osteoporosis, fatigue and metabolic changes. The list of menopausal symptoms goes on. And on. Interminably.

And it’s almost impossible to decide which of the many treatments, supplements, solutions would be best for any given issue, because many posts touting remedies are sponsored. Is the product really effective? Or is it a way for a blogger to make money? Hard to tell.

th-4So let me hold up a perfectly manicured hand for a moment and talk to these younger women.

Girls, I am here to tell you that I have passed through menopause and lived to tell about it. Because I never really thought about my symptoms. I never let them take root in my psyche. They were the very last thing on my mind. I was way too busy living.

I had maybe three or four hot flashes. Yes, I was lucky. But I spent most of my 40s in night sweats. And I still didn’t pay them any  mind. I held a full time job, traveled, had relationships. Life went on and so did I.

And that’s the way it was in my 50s and now in my early 60s.

Sure, things dry up. Yeah, it’s harder to lose weight. No, I don’t look like I did in my 30s and neither will you.

But I am here to tell you that NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

Here’s what matters:

That you live a great life.

That you give and receive love.

That you have a boatload of fun.

And that you do something productive.

All the rest of it?

Ignore it. Don’t let it take root in your psyche.

It’s just another part of life. Normal. Natural.

You will be just fine.

And writers? Stop making it seem like we are all suffering with menopause, freaking out about our sexuality and terrified about what’s happening with our female parts.

Because it ain’t true. And what we think, say and read makes a difference in how we respond to physical changes.

Thank you.

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