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Emme Cadeau footwear is a women’s footwear brand designed in New York and made in Portugal by founder Marcella Gift.

My kind of rock stars are women who launch businesses particularly when they meet the needs of women over 50. So I was thrilled to interview Emme Cadeau founder Marcella Gift last week. 

Her new shoe line is incredibly comfortable and stylish and can  be worn to work and dress up. I learned about her shoe passion, how she launched and what she created for women (especially great for we women over 50).  Each shoe is named after women who inspired her.

This line is going to be a winner and the  ‘Mirror Mirror’ Lenore D’Orsay shoe is being used in an upcoming film.  Click on links below to go to the site…Better after 50 readers get a 20% discount on their first purchase with the code BAF20.

“Isabella”  Hot Havana $250

“Nadia’ Mirror Mirror  $250

Katherine Blue Wave $300


Emme Cadeau’s Secret to Comfort

  • Wider toe box – no cramped toes, no sore bunions
  • 3 layers of foam padding well hidden in a sleek silhouette, which provides extra comfort.  Made for all day comfort
  • Excellent craftsmanship, made by the top manufacturers in Portugal
  • Unique supple leathers sourced from Italy and Portugal

What we offer

  • Variety: there are five different shoe types to suit your style: ballet flats, sneakers, 3″ D’Orsay pumps, 3”  regular pumps, l and 1.75” kitten heels (a portion of sales of the ballet flats goes towards the non-profit organization Trickle UP.
  • Size Inclusivity: Emme Cadeau is a truly size inclusive brand, offering women’s sizes from US size 5 to 14.  No more shopping in the kids’ or the men’s section.
  • Easy trial: Buying shoes over the internet is tricky, so we make the process easier by offering free shipping and returns until you get the sizing right.
  • Appreciation for our clients: Emme Cadeau loves to reward our clients, so we have a great rewards and referral program.  You can earn points for purchases, sharing on social media and even creating an account.  You can also earn money towards your next pair, on referrals that result in a purchase
  • Better after 50 readers get a 20% discount on their first purchase with the code BAF20.

Interesting facts

About Founder Marcella Gift:

“I graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Mathematics but always took art classes on the side.  I have worked in finance for 12 years, however I knew I always wanted to do something creative.  Shoes ended up being that avenue because as a little girl I remember going shopping with my mother (a high school teacher) and she was always very particular about what she wore. She had to be on her feet all day so her shoes needed to be comfortable, and she also has a funky sense of style so they also needed to be interesting.  I think I inherited that sensibility from her, which is why I would call the aesthetic of the brand, classic and sexy with a twist.” 

About the shoes:

Each shoe is inspired by and named after a woman (close friends and family) in my life.  Using them as my muses, allows me to really think about the personality of the woman wearing the shoe.  The Isabella is named after my grandmother, the Lenore after my mother, the Katherine after my friend, and the Nadia sneaker after my young niece and there are many more to come.

Example of the Creative Process:

The sneakers were created by accident. I was at the studio in Portugal just taking a break and on the table was a white pair of sneakers and the “mirror mirror” leather.  An image flashed into my head of a sneaker made out of that material which, I promptly asked the agent I was working with if we could look into.  He was a little doubtful of what I was trying to do, but he went along with it anyway.  A few days after I returned to New York, I received a call in which I was informed that everyone at the factory loved it and they thought it would be a great addition to the collection.  That is also how the collection came to include sneakers in general.  The mirror mirror sneaker happens to be the most ordered shoe from the collection thus far.

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