I was blindsided. Catapulted into menopause from what seemed out of nowhere (went from my period every 28 days like clockwork to nothing, nada, done, kaput) and left with severely diminished female hormone levels, I visited my doctor to address several resulting issues. Loss of sleep, hot flashes (they were coming at a rate of one or two per hour), mild depression, as well as some vaginal dryness were all presented to me (and I don’t mean they were actually presents; they weren’t) within a month or so.
I didn’t have much family history to go by when it came to assessing whether female hormones and bio-identicals were the answer for me, so the conversation veered towards an alternate therapy… testosterone. What were the potential side effects? Well long-term, there really aren’t any studies yet to point to. Short-term? Acne, some weight gain as it helps turn fat into muscle, and increased sex drive (possibly even an increase in clitoris size). Excuse me, doctor, did you say increased sex drive? Yes, he told me:  “You could start feeling like an 18-year-old boy who can’t get enough.” (presuming he could get any)
My response to this possible therapy: sign me up. Now. And so I started receiving testosterone shots (in the butt). After the sixth one, blood would be drawn and my hormone levels evaluated. After the first shot, it took about three days for the hot flashes to entirely disappear. Anecdotal evidence from my doctor suggested that some women may stop getting hot flashes as soon as an hour or so after their first shot. Okay, so far, so good. Next up, a few acne marks on my face in the oil zones, but those were accompanied by what definitely looked like more youthful skin. Check the happy box and continue. So far, so good as far as I was concerned.
Increased sex drive. Well, by the second shot, all I can say is WOW. Bedroom activity and antics went into high gear in a big way. Desire, sensitivity, general pleasure all showed a steep upward trajectory and you won’t be hearing any complaints any time soon from me or my partner.
But beware. The weight gain did occur, but I’m so happy with all the other benefits that I’m working hard to keep my weight in check just so I can continue on the therapy.  Certainly this is just my experience and not for everyone but, thanks to the new 18 year old boy living inside me, I’d highly recommend you asking your doctor about.

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