Hey BA50s Martha Stewart has thrown the gauntlet — are you ready to pose in your bathing suit? 

We invite you to send a photo in your bathing suit and we will post it on BA50.

Send to editor@betterafter50.com with your name and IG handle and  please include one comment about positive aging.

The media is exploding with recognition of women’s vitality in their 60’s and 70’s and now 80’s. The only one who cared about older ladies when I was in my 30’s and 40’s, that I can remember, was Willard Scott. That weather man put a smile on every 100 year old woman he interviewed earnestly asking them their secret to longevity.

Here’s comes Martha Stewart draped on a couch in her swimsuit looking gorgeous and sexy. (click link to see the full SI spread).

The coveted 20 something’s Swimsuit Issue has been blow out of the water (excuse the pun). What the hell do you think the demographic looks like for Sports Illustrated now? I’m guessing the readership may have shifted a bit.

Gawking at sexy women was taboo in my day. My Dad hid his Playboys and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues — but my sisters and I found them. We were in awe of those skinny hips and big boobs. We wondered when it would be our turn to fill out our bikinis. But, It never happened quite that way. We had the reverse bloom of big hips and flat chests and which we didn’t celebrate.

But now it’s all good. Big butts, flat chests, big chests, flat butts, plus size sexy 30 year olds and 80 year olds with dimpled skin. We have finally jumped the fence with this issue of SI and are getting the Madison Avenue seal of approval. There is no excuse any longer for women to feel badly about their age or their size.

From this moment forward, we can always say, “If Martha Steward flaunted her body at 81, what are we covering up for?”

BA50’s we are going to school on ourselves and we are learning acceptance and how to embrace who we are.

And look at that Martha’s Stewart. I don’t give a hoot if she was airbrushed. The woman stepped up and did the swim suit issue at 81.

How is that not a giant step forward for positive aging? I mean on her instagram page someone who interviewed her said 81 is the new 31. Hooray for her if that resonates.

Life is long and beautiful and we deserve to celebrate every moment of it.

So what do you say to that?

Send us your photo in your bathing suit and we will post it on BA50.

Send to editor@betterafter50.com with your name and IG handle and age. And don’t forget… to  please include one comment about positive aging.

Bravo to us!

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