Looking for that perfect gift for your friend who is turning the BIG 5-O?  Look no further…we rounded up some of the best.

1. Eco Vine Wine

EcoVine Wine Club

EcoVine Wine Club specializes in hard-to-find organic wines made by top Winemakers. Organic with No Sulfites Added (NSA), Biodynamic, Organically Grown, Vegan, and Non-GMO wines are great gifts – delivered directly to your home or office. Visit www.EcoVineWine.com.


2. Sea Stones Wine Glasses

custom wine glasses

These Sea Stone Wine Glasses are the perfect compliment to a bottle (or case) of wine. They have an intriguing sword-in-the-stone design which makes them lovely to hold and behold.  Since no two are alike, the design also makes it easy to recognize your wine glass! Use the coupon code BDAY at checkout to receive 10% off of your order. Check out more on the Sea Stones website.


3. Sonya Masur, Reiki Master and Master Jeweler

Soni Masur
Reiki Master Sonya Masur has created gorgeous, reasonably priced jewelry (and other items) that reflect her passion for the stones she finds.  For Masur, it’s all about color, texture and the thrill of the amazing find– she is always on a treasure hunt for unusual and unique artifacts to incorporate into her jewelry, and as a Reiki Master, all the stones she works with resonate strongly with her. Masur says, “It brings me great pride to share my intertwining passions with you. Reiki and Jewelry… Jewelry and Reiki, how lucky can one girl get?” For more information go to www.sonyamasur.com .  Her jewelry can be found on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/sonyam


4. A Thirst for Tea – Tea of the Month Club

A Thirst for Tea

For the tea lover, give the gift of a special tea every month! Tea is known to have many important health benefits including the ability to fight cancer and heart disease, but did you know that it also has proven anti-aging properties such as the ability to fight osteoporosis and to “mop-up” the free radicals that cause our skin to sag? What better reason to embark on a voyage through the world of tea by joining our Tea of the Month Club and discovering new and exotic places through the taste of their teas. A Thirst for Tea, founded by Certified Tea Master Frankee Muller, specializes in artisan whole leaf teas of exceptional quality and is pleased to offer three Tea of the Month Club packages: the 4-month Seasonal Visit, the Six Month Trip or the Year-Long Journey.


5. Personalize An iPod For The Birthday Girl

ipod for gift

Have an iPod sent to yourself and before you give it to the birthday girl, LOAD IT with songs that she’ll love.  It’s a little bit of work, but what could be a better way to say you care– and that you really know her? Here are some great ideas:
  • songs from her favorite time period– the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s?;
  • songs of a particular genre (we can think of a bunch of Country tunes that would be sure to make her laugh)
  • songs from the year of her birth;
  • number 1 song for every year of the past 50 years;
  • songs special to the recipient – a geographic area (California?), a profession (Lawyers in love?), animals, a certain name

Order your iPod at Amazon.com.


6. Echo Back Pack

IT’S SLEEK, SPORTY, AND CHIC CHIC CHIC!  This cool backpack from Echo Design is a personal favorite of our BA50s. Lightweight poly, with silver nylon webbing trim and straps. The wide straps make it comfortable to wear, and there are 3 pockets to store your essentials. Make your girlfriend’s day and gift her this great bag — she will thank you forever. Comes in Stone, Citron (lime), Aqua and Coral Red. Order today and get 15% off your first purchase!!  Use coupon code 15BA50 (valid 3/12/2014 through 4/12/2014).


7. Start A Blessings Bracelets Tradition

blessings bracelets
We love to see our friends all wearing these. They have shared their blessings with one another. Every time someone wears a grouping, it’s inevitable someone asks “where did you get those — are they expensive?”  NOPE these are quite affordable.  Buy yours on Amazon.com.


8. Smashing Tennis Bag!

tennis bag

Is your friend a tennis player? This tennis bag is not inexpensive, but it sure is smashing! Make a huge impact with this gift. For the cool, hip, BA50 tennis player, this backpack is a must.  Great stylin’, holds 2 racquets and fantastic pockets. Comes in a few color options. Order this item from Amazon.com here.


9. Covered Perfectly Tops

Covered Perfectly

Get Your Friend a Gift That Feels and Looks Great– and these tops are fantastic for women of all shapes and sizes– You can’t go wrong with these tops, because for women who want to be Covered Perfectly, these tops focus on super-soft fabrics that feel great on your skin, have cute designs and shapes, and cover all the right parts: perfectly! Special for our readers:  Order here and Save 20% by using code BA50.


10. Spectacular Hand Made Flower Vase + Fresh Flowers Delivered Every Month

Make your gift a gorgeous vase and some beautiful flowers every month: our choice of vase is special-from Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks (actually anything they sell there we love at BA50- you really can’t go wrong). But this vase- which is modern, sleek and funky- looks good with or without flowers…but for an extra special gift, add a gift of a flower bouquet every month for a year from White Flower Farm.


11. Send The Gift Of A Short Story Every Month

Looking for something totally out of the box?  We’re betting your friend has not received a gift like this -ever! This was suggested by our outstanding BA50 gift guide researcher…it’s a short story a month from small Brooklyn publisher: One Story https://www.one-story.com/  One Story, Inc. is an award-winning, independent, not-for-profit literary publisher devoted to promoting the art form of the short story and supporting the authors who write them.  One Story is a literary magazine that contains, simply, one story. Approximately every three-four weeks, subscribers are sent One Story in the mail, or on their digital devices. This story promises to be an amazing read.

Each issue of One Story is artfully designed, lightweight, easy to carry, and ready to entertain on buses, in bed, in subways, in cars, in the park, in the bath, in the waiting rooms of doctors, on the couch in the afternoon or on line at the supermarket. There is always time to read One Story.


12. Personalized Chocolate Bad Ass Girlfriend Bar

Chocolate gifts
The picture does not do this gift justice, and that is our fault, but if your girlfriend loves dark chocolate laced with sea salt — you can’t go wrong with the BA50 girlfriend bar. We found this manufacturer from Long Island who makes these especially for us– and they are especially good… let’s just say we’ve tested a few! These come wrapped for gift giving with a beautiful bow and are available in three sizes (honestly, they look awesome in real life…):

3oz. (minimum 10 piece order @ $6.00 each plus shipping)

8oz. (no minimum @ $12.00 each plus shipping)

16oz. (no minimum @$24.00 each plus shipping)

EVEN BETTER… the 16 oz. BA50’s Girlfriend Bar can be personalized/customized to reflect the perfect Happy Birthday message for your girlfriend.  It’s a great way to say, “Have a sweet birthday, girlfriend!”


13. Fair Trade Bracelets from ShopBA50 (A Lotta Look For the Money)

great gifs for women over 50
These Show Stopper Handmade bracelets, made in Nepal are just $14 each (sold in groups of 3- we like 6 together for a tres chic look!) We found theses bracelets in the Fair Trade section at the NY gift show. These are comfortable to wear, supple and hip. We’ve worn ours for a year and they still look like new.  Feel good about this gift: your money goes to support the women in Nepal who made these.  Shop for these bracelets on SHOPBA50 here.


14.  Nespresso Frother under $100 on Amazon.

nespresso machine
This frother is a personal favorite of the BA50 team!  Perfect for the coffee loving birthday gal (or as a fab house gift,) give your favorite friend the tool to make her own cappuccinos at home– in seconds.  She doesn’t need to give up the Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks completely, but why not be able to froth that milk yourself?  And best of all, it’s easy to clean, and so much better than those hand held frothers!  Available here on amazon.com


15. Lisa Monahan Metal Works – Modern, Handmade Jewelry



Lisa Monahan is a metalsmith and has been designing jewelry and sculptural metal works for the past 2 decades. Using ordinary, everyday materials in not-so-ordinary ways and with a passion for interchangeability, her work is modern and highly influenced by her 20+ years as an architect.  All jewelry is handmade in her studio in Massachusetts and Lisa donates a portion of the proceeds to survivors of domestic violence and promoting community arts programming.  Use discount code BA50 for a 10% discount on Lisa Monahan jewelry. Free shipping on all orders over $50, everyday.

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