mad libsFor those who have been on-line dating, you’ve likely run into the individual that never took the time to read your profile while sending you winks, nods and email nudges. Then there are those who can’t recall what they wrote simply because it’s a bold face LIE.

Look no further for the on-line dating Litmus Test – Mad Libs!

Dear _________( Website Alias),

I really enjoyed reading your profile and thought you were very________________ (adverb/adjective). I noticed that you are ________________________(relationship status). Are you seriously interested in meeting your future______________ (potential relationship status)) or would you prefer to simply keep it _________________ (adjective) and only have a ________________ (adjective) relationship? Your photo was actually taken on ______________ (date/year) and your head of hair is now___________ (noun). You have _____________(number) children. If you had to choose between an evening of________________ (noun/adverb) with me or ______________ (noun/adverb) with your children what would you choose?   Your interests include _______________(noun) and _______________(noun) and _______________.(noun)   Will you still have time for my interests of ______________(noun) and __________________(noun) and ______________________(noun) Is your former_______________ (previous relationship status) still in your life?   Does your former _______________(previous relationship status) still think _______ (pronoun) is in your life? You ask that I look good in a _____________ (clothing option) at night and ____________ (clothing option) on casual days. You are _________ (number) feet tall without shoes and _________ (number) feet tall with stilettos/elevator shoes. You mention your body type as ____________ (adjective) and you exercise _________ (number) times a week, yet you choose to eat _________________(favorite food) at least ______________(number) times a week. I noticed that you make __________(number) per year salary. Is that gross or net (please circle one) revenue? Your last book read was ______________ (name of book, magazine, toilet reading, on line article) on ______________ (include date and year). You are turned off by __________(noun/adjective/adverb) and blank____________ (noun/adjective/adverb). Lastly, You prefer___________ (gender preference) under the age of ____________ (number), would you accept the age of _____________ (number) if I had __________________ (noun/adjective)


Yours Truly _______________ (Website Alias)



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