elderly retired couple sitting together on the bench in autumn park, love conceptMy grandmother has always defied the stereotypes about the elderly. She is always open to new experiences, surprising everyone around her with her colorful, thrilling and enthusiastic stories. Whenever we thought that she should slow down and embrace a calmer lifestyle, she would prove us wrong. So, when she introduced her new boyfriend to the family, we weren’t really surprised. Seeing her so in love in her sixties is truly inspiring and she has definitely found another way to prove wrong anyone who dares to think that falling in love is just for the young.

Moving on

When my granny was in her 40s, my grandpa passed away. They were one of the happiest couples I’ve ever known, so we were all worried about her when this happened. She was so devastated that she spent most of her time alone. We tried to be there for her as much as we could, but she often preferred to be alone. She told us that she needed some time to heal and eventually she did. When she retired, she decided to move away to a retirement village because her home felt lonely and empty. Granny has always been a strong person and, although she took grandpa’s death pretty hard, she knew that her life was still ahead of her. Once she moved to the retirement community, she met her new love. We were all thrilled because this was the first time she seemed truly happy after grandpa died. She never sought to replace him, of course, and he will always have a place in her heart, but she was finally ready to move on.

Being at peace with yourself

When I asked her how come she didn’t date anyone for years after grandpa died, she told me that she needed time to come to terms with his death, as well as that she wanted to be on her own. Since they’ve been married for about twenty years, she was alone for the first time after a while. She told me that she wanted to get to know herself better before entering a new relationship. Getting to know herself has enabled her to find her inner peace and find out whether she wanted from a new relationship. She worked on herself for a while, spent some time travelling and have accepted the person she’s become. Only when she felt at peace with herself did she feel ready to welcome a new person into her life.

It’s never late for romance

Whenever I thought about elderly people and dating, I always considered it to be more of a companionship – two people deciding to be there for each other and take care of each other. Did my granny prove me wrong! Her new relationship is exciting as that of a twenty-year-old! She is so in love and happy that she reminds me of a teenage girl. She’s always texting, secretly smiling and going on thrilling dates. She even told me that at first, she had that dilemma of lust vs. love because she was so attracted to him. Go granny! I was pleasantly surprised by this and it has really shown me that love and passion aren’t limited to a certain age. People often think that passion ebbs away along with age, but my granny is a living proof that it doesn’t. With the right person by your side and a clear idea of your personal desires, a relationship in your sixties can be as exciting as in your twenties. And as my grandma told me, in some respects, it’s even better. We’ve always had an open and close relationship, so we’ve always talked like friends. She told me that she even has a great sex life despite the decreased drive because she no longer has certain inhibitions.

Living in the moment

My granny and her boyfriend have been going steady for a while, but when I asked her whether they’re planning to get married, she told me that they don’t talk about it and not because they want to avoid the subject but because they simply don’t feel the need to. They want to spend their time enjoying and soaking in every moment of their relationship wherever it takes them. If they decide to go separate ways, they will still do it with smiles on their faces because they’ve spent some wonderful time together not wondering or stressing about the “where’s this going” issue. She told me that this relieves a lot of pressure from their relationship and that they’re truly able to live in the moment before that moment passes by.

My granny has shown me that dating in the sixties isn’t only about companionship, but also about romance and passion that don’t disappear with age.


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