It’s a few days past New Year’s Day and you are either depressed or feeling hopeful.  You have resolved to join a gym, start that diet, or made some other resolution to change the way you look, because right now when you look in the mirror you say, “If only I were…”  You stick to your new plan as January rolls along and then the cravings start or you are getting so bored with your work-out routine already. Your resolutions are getting weaker. What to do?

In my opinion, start by going back to that mirror and find at least one, and hopefully more, reasons why you appreciate the body you’ve got.  Have those arms that jiggle a little held your precious grandbabies?  Have those thighs you hate helped you lift something heavy and gotten you where you need to go?  Start somewhere and practice gratitude.

Maybe do something special for that body, the only one you’ve got.  Buy a special soap or body lotion for yourself. Maybe treat yourself to some silky pajamas.  Whatever makes you feel really good and a little decadent.  That would be a good start towards loving and appreciating the body you have now.  Then find some activity or exercise you liked as a child and try it again.  Take a fun dance class.  Ride a bike.  Jump rope.  Walk in nature.  Just move.

Decide to not diet.  Decide to make a lifestyle change.  Eat whole fresh foods as much as possible.  Make a pact with a friend to be accountable to each other. Don’t deprive yourself completely or you will just crave that chocolate even more.  Approach eating as something pleasurable and savor your food.

Now while you are making these changes, my suggestion is to buy yourself a new pair of dark denim jeans with stretch in them that look dynamite on you no matter what size you are. I used to say I would never buy a pair of jeans that cost over $50. That changed when I discovered the new jean technology with stretch and slimming properties.  My favorites are Chico’s So Slimming jeans and Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ).  Both have a mid-rise and pull you in and up.  Love them!



denim on fashion friday

I like the straight leg over the skinny leg, because they look good with any kind of shoe and you can tuck them into a boot.  They make the leg line long and slim.  Pair them with your favorite sweater or blouse in a beautiful color and it will lift your spirits while you work on whatever you need to work on.  Or just enjoy them and the new year, give yourself a break and be good to yourself.  Happy 2014!

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