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Happy April and happy spring. I’ve been spending lots of time outside listening to music on my long walks with Stella. It makes the time fly by, and I love how the music feeds me creatively while renewing my energy to go the distance. Here she is waiting patiently for a stroll:


Once my book was out there for the world to read, I started to feel a bit vulnerable. Would the readers connect with my work? Would they…like it?

As the first reviews came in, I held my breath while reading them.

Deep exhale. People like the book! If I may share one with you here, I’m so touched by the feedback I’ve received.

“This is a beautiful story of self-reflection, finding your path, and grabbing a Spanish bull by the horns when life throws you a serious curveball. This book has got it all – wonderful people, history, travel tips, and Grateful Dead references. Thank you for sharing your story, Susan!”

Many thanks to all of you who have purchased the book and shared feedback in the form of ratings and reviews. And as to the Grateful Dead references…guilty as charged! Music has always been an important part of my life, since my early days of attending concerts at Fillmore East in Brooklyn, to my current role on the board of Berklee College of Music. The talents of Lyle Lovett, Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris, James Taylor, the incredible young Berklee musicians, and yes, The Grateful Dead, have all contributed to the running soundtrack of my life. Music was a constant companion and a source of comfort that helped me through many challenges in Spain.

There are many references to the inspirational music in my life in Lost and Found in Spain: Tales of An Ambassador’s Wife. The chapter “Darlin’ Do Not Fear What You Don’t Really Know” is named for one of my favorite songs fromBrett Dennen, who was kind enough to create this watercolor piece based on my descriptions of the Spanish countryside in the book. Thank you, Brett. You gave me comfort in my storm, now you give me joy in the colors of the Spanish landscape.

Watercolor by Brett Dennen

Be well my friends, and happy reading, listening, and all the other things that fill you with joy. If one of those things is reading my book, I’d be grateful for your feedback!

Muy atentamente,
Susan Lewis Solomont

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