Cleansing for HealthMany of us have battled with weight issues our entire lives. We’ve been on every imaginable diet.  We have learned that dieting leads to weight swings and emotional roller coasters, but dieting is all we know. How do we break this pattern?

We can all be at our ideal weight forever without dieting. Here are 10 simple rules:

1.       Follow the 60/30/10 Rule; that is, 60% of our diet as plant rich, 30% as whole grains, legumes (beans), nuts, seeds and a lean animal protein if you’d like, and 10% as the whatever because we need to live life.

2.       Calorie counting doesn’t work. You wouldn’t say, “how many calories in this carrot?” You just eat the carrot. Chances are if you’re eating a food and have to ask how many calories, this food should probably be in your 10%, which includes most processed foods.

3.       Eat according to your metabolism. If you have a “slow metabolism,” you may need only two to three meals per day. If you have a “fast metabolism,” you may need three or four meals.

4.       Lunch should be your biggest meal. A recent study found that for people who ate a similar caloric value for lunch as others did for dinner, the people who ate lunch lost approximately 22 lbs while those who ate their large meal for dinner gained 17lbs.

5.       Be careful of toxic hunger. There are two parts of metabolism, anabolic (when we eat food) and catabolic (when we break it down in our bodies). The catabolic phase can be uncomfortable because that’s when we detoxify. Many people mistake this as hunger so they eat. Once they eat, they feel comfortable so they mistake the detoxification as hunger. Another way to put this is if you’re having a dinner party for 10 and decide to make rice. Then you find out 5 more people are coming so you add more rice to the pot and then 5 more are coming so you add even more. You end up with mush. That’s what happens in our metabolisms if we’re constantly eating. Generally we need to wait 3 to 4 hours in between meals.

6.       Make certain to stay hydrated. Coffee, soda, processed foods and animal protein all can be dehydrating. As a rule of thumb, we should consume half our body weight in ounces of pure water.

7.       We should lose no more than a pound a week. Easy come, easy go.

8.       Seasonal eating is mandatory. We have become out of touch with the way we’re meant to eat.  In the winter we need heavier foods higher in fat and protein to protect us from the cold. Conversely, as we move into the summer, high carbohydrate fruits like peaches, plums and nectarines are in season, which are the perfect antidote to cool us from the summer heat.

9.       Consume a nutrient rich diet. There are so many starving, overweight Americans. We eat power bars and then wonder why we’re hungry a couple hours later. The food industry loves us to eat processed foods because that’s how they make their money. They don’t make money on us eating carrots! The more nutrient rich foods you eat, the more satiated you feel and the less compulsion you’ll have to binge eat.

10.   Develop mindful eating habits.  In France, people eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with no snacking in between. We Americans eat whenever we feel like it with no discipline.

I know this is a lot to “digest,” but there really is a simple way to get on track: cleansing in an intelligent way! Cleansing has become the rage, but beware–many cleanses can be very dangerous to our health–especially if they involve an all-liquid program.

Cleansing the intelligent way includes:

1.       Drinking two to three fresh-pressed, organic juices daily

2.       Eating clean and eliminating high sensitivity/allergen foods such as dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugars and animal protein

3.       Eating a hearty, plant rich lunch

4.       Consuming half your body weight in ounces of pure water

5.       Receiving support from a cleanse expert to make certain you’re cleansing properly.

I started cleansing when I was undergoing a very hostile divorce. I wanted to rid myself of all the emotional baggage I had accumulated from a toxic marriage. I learned first-hand how incredibly powerful cleansing can be if done the right way. I wanted to share this experience with everyone, which is why I founded JOOS!

JOOS offers the most nutrient food/beverage you could possibly consume. Each JOOS is 2x the minimum daily requirement of fruits and vegetables and is 100% organic. People who drink JOOS regularly say their hair is softer, they feel balanced energy, their nails are harder and so much more. After drinking JOOS for a few days, their taste buds start to change so that they lose cravings for sweets and fried foods.

As we move into the summer, we want to feel trim and in shape, which is why JOOS is offering our JOOS into Your Beach Body special! It includes 5 JOOS, 5 JOOS Chia and 5 JOOS20 for only $105 or 10 JOOS, 10 JOOS chia and 10 JOOS20 for only $200. Dana Appel-Young, Board Certified Health Coach, will guide you every step of the way through this program to ensure you do it successfully. Order at

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions and/or if you’d like to set up a session so that you can get on the path to permanent weight loss.

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