Look no further than eye bobs.  They advertise that they are readers for “the irreverent and slightly jaded.” But for real, these are undeniably the most stylish reading glasses you will find out there.  They are not inexpensive (at approximately $79.00 each) but they are wonderful– so well made, and so stylish.  Every time I wear them (which is every time I look at a menu or pick up my phone in public), I get a compliment!

These are the ones I bought (…and to be honest, the name is why I ordered this style…Chutzpah…“Listen, Bubeleh, not just any schmuck can pull this off,”  but I can…)


We know you will love them too– here they are in red:



Check out their reader sunglasses, as well as all their fantastic new styles.  This one is called “Phone It In.”



I wish I had known (before I bought mine) about this a fabulous frame where they donate 20% of the purchase price to Stand Up to Cancer (a cancer research charity co-founded by Katie Couric.)   I may just need to order another pair!


Here is Katie wearing them…I’m definitely going to order these…


Check out the whole assortment of eyebobs here

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