Does that phrase sound familiar?  I hope so. That means you’re paying attention to what BA50 has been telling you about their fabulous upcoming event called She Did It / Boston – Step Into Your Next Stage With Confidence

I am excited to share that I will be a speaker at this event talking about your image and your style and how to look fabulous at any age.

Let me give you a little background about myself. As an image consultant and personal stylist, I empower women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image. I believe all women are beautiful and I want them to see the beauty that others see. I teach women how to dress with purpose by accentuating their assets and disguising their liabilities. In this session I will both entertain, as well as educate you, on how to choose clothing that fits your shape, your budget and your lifestyle.

Some of the takeaways of the session are:

  1. How to define your authentic style
  2. How to dress and shop with purpose
  3. How to rock your confidence after 50

Let’s talk about takeaway #1 – Your Authentic Style. That’s often used as a catch phrase in blogs and magazines write-ups and most women when they read it think, what the heck does authentic style mean to me?  The reason for confusion around this phrase is that women have been unsure where to shop – forever.  A decade ago when we only had physical stores to shop in, we were limited to the stores that were within are ‘DCZ’ – also known as driving comfort zone. As a result, we started to create a style based on the inventory those stores were offering us. Oftentimes that meant women were dressing either too young and sexy or too old and frumpy. Overheard at the register were comments like, this is the best I could find. We would look at magazines and pine over other options but they certainly were not within the DCZ.

Then came the online shopping era. Research indicates the women who now also shop online, are only shopping online at the same stores that they are familiar with, which are probably the same stores that are still within their DCZ. As a result, they are still shopping for the repeat styles and the only thing new is that they are saving on gas!

This brings us to takeaway #2 – How to Dress and Shop with Purpose.

Finding your authentic style means shopping in a different way. We will go over insider tips and tricks on how to shop online with purpose, meaning that you will order the right items, in the right size, at the right price, that will actually fit your body and flatter your style.

And that brings us to takeaway #3 – Rocking Your Confidence. There are so many more options out there that you are not aware of and this will be an awakening of your creative juices and your shopping habits and ultimately – a new you! If there is one thing we BA50’s want, it’s OPTIONS!

All three of these takeaways are connected – your style, your shopping and your confidence. We are going to save you money, we are going to buy less, we are going to love what we buy and more importantly, we are going love to wear what we buy!

And did I mention one lucky attendee will win a 2-hour Styling Session with me so we can either dive into your closet to edit and revise or we can shop and lunch together!

I go into depth on these takeaways in my book, but being up close and personal in the room with you allows for give-and-take. Meaning that I want to hear your personal questions and your personal challenges so that I can offer up my personal expertise.

I am hoping to see you in the room but if you can’t make it to She Did It / Boston,  I’m hoping to send out a copy of my book to you.

We have a global audience here at BA50 and if you are not able to make it to Boston, I am offering a special 50% discount on my printed book, Confidence Is Always In Style, for BA50 readers starting today. Head on over to and check out using the special discount code BA50 to receive your copy of this sassy style guide.

And for those of you lucky enough to be attending the event, I recommend you read the book in advance and come well-equipped with your questions.

I will see you in the audience on May 17th, because it’s all about you and it’s time for you to dress with confidence each and every day!


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