Whether you are shopping for a skirt, a dress or even a pair of jeans, choosing the one that does justice to your body shape and flatters it is very important. Similarly, shopping for bags without any purpose is passé. If you have been doing so, we suggest you to quit the practice this very moment and start buying bags that go with your body type. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet that’ll help you select the right purse for your shape!

  1. Petite

petitie purse

If you’re dainty and petite, choose a purse that is aptly sized, structured to suit your frame. Bags that have shorter handles or even, adjustable frames are an ideal choice to make. The rule of the thumb is to pick the bag that is proportionate to the size of your body. Say no to slouching, big bags. The idea is to wear bags that are petite to medium-sized. You can choose vertical-shaped bags, clutches, and oversize tote bags as well. Also, cross-body bags can flatter your body type to an amazing extent.

  1. Apple-Shaped

apple body shape and purse

For the women who have an apple-shaped body should look to the bags that create a balance. Always, remember that a bag will draw attention to the part where it meets the body. Anyone with an apple shaped body has a wider bust and narrower waist/hips. For such body types, wide handbags with slight structure are always a good fit. You should pick a medium-sized handbag like bowling purses, tote bags, and hand-held bags. It is recommended that women with an apple shaped body should stay away from cross-body bags and clutches.

  1. Pear-Shaped

Ladies, if you have a heavy bottom, make sure your bag does not draw all attention to it. To create a balance, you must focus on making your shoulders appear broader. The bag should fall between your hips and waist. Therefore, you should always buy bags that have adjustable straps. You can also opt for clutches that can be slipped under the arm. Also, satchel bags, long- and short-strapped shoulder bags are great ideas to go with. You can try Celine Satchel Bags. These are well-structured bags that come with adjustable straps.

  1. Hourglass


Someone who has an hourglass body is at the best position when it comes to shopping for handbags. You can literally choose any style you wants be it satchel bags, tote bags, clutches, cross body bags, shoulder bags or hobo bags, you can rock any style like a diva. This leaves you with a wide choice of brands to shop from. You can pick Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Hermes or any other that you like!

  1. Rectangle


If your waist, shoulder, and hips fall in a same line, you have the rectangle body shape and so, you’ll need a purse that adds an illusion of curves to your body. Make sure you don’t pick a bag that falls below your hips. The best bait for you is to go for long-strapped satchel bags, hobo bags or clutches that can be tucked under the arm. You can steal Gwyneth Paltrow’s style by adorning this Valentino Rockstud Small Leather Tote Bag.

  1. Plus Size


Whether you are an hourglass plus size or a rectangle, you should pay a lot of attention to your body type while shopping for purses. The right type of bag can make you look fabulous after all. For someone who is a plus size, choose bags that are larger. A tiny clutch or small cross-body bag will not flatter your figure. This is why a large satchel or bucket bag is the best pick for your body type. You can take inspiration from Adele’s handbag heaven. She is often spotted with oversize Celine and Chanel bags.

Now that you have this list before you make sure that whenever you go for handbag shopping, pick a purse that flatters your body type. Irrespective of whether you choose, Hermes, Valentino, Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton, it should always go with your body shape.



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