I have had a passion for travel and a love of Asia for many years.

A wonderful friend of mine used to tell me stories of her life living in Singapore in the 70’s and 80’s and all of the adventures that went with it.

I used to listen with thoughts of….

“I want a life like that”

“I want to live in an exotic land and experience a different and exciting culture”!

In my dreams I visualized it happening.

In my heart, I knew I would make it happen – one day!

My husband and I were in Tangalle, Sri Lanka celebrating my 50th birthday when I had an epiphany!

“Why aren’t I living the life of my dreams? I have no children and no financial commitments in Australia so what am I waiting for”.

So my 50th birthday ultimatum to my husband was – “Lets sell up everything, move to Ubud, Bali and start working on our online fitness business”!

Needless to say my husband came along – at times “kicking and screaming”!

So now at 52, after 2 special years, we reside in beautiful Ubud, Bali. It feels like home to me and I am living my dream of the ‘exotic’.

…….and after 2 years, I STILL love the feeling of having no major material possessions weighing me down. I feel free and ‘uncluttered’.

There is something special in the air in Ubud…..it’s hard to put a finger on what it is. But this is a deeply spiritual town and you can feel it.

The Balinese have a very beautiful way with their ceremonies.   They are artful at taking something very simple and making it look quite amazing.

The way they show their appreciation, through ceremonies, for the things that most of us take for granted, opens your mind up to all the endless possibilities in life and makes you feel deeply grateful for the very small things in your day.

My passion for health and fitness has been life-long. I have nearly 30 years of experience and have been a Master Personal Trainer for 15 years.

It has frustrated me that there is not much available that is targeted at women approaching their 50’s and in their 50’s plus. So I have taken my years of experience and knowledge……and understanding of being a woman in this age bracket, to put together Training Programs that are proven, effective and challenging!

Having a strong and flexible core is essential at this stage in life, not only for your posture but to prevent injuries and to assist in supporting your pelvic region.

If you are tired of……..

– aching hips

– a sore lower back

– lack of strength in your limbs

– feeling susceptible to injuries and generally just not feeling confident with the movement of your body……

– then Dynamic Fusion Style Training – is for you!

Taking the very best of Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Functional Strength Training and Barre Work I have created 20 minute Dynamic Core Strengthening VIDEO workout programs designed to not only increase the strength and flexibility in your body but to also get your heart rate up for weight loss.

For your beautiful FREE E Book on the “6 Essential Pillars of Fitness for Core Strength and Lean Muscle”, click the link here…

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