Bungee jumping is frightening…improv is not! Martha Rollins is the founder of Boston Comedy Project. She has produced and curated comedy shows for years, and she loves not only to make women laugh, but to change their lives through improv, giving them…

  •       Increased Confidence.
  •       Improved Public Speaking Skills.
  •       Gained Comfort in Social Settings.
  •       Refined Brainstorming Abilities.
  •       Improved Listening and Observation Skills.
  •       Enhanced Creative-Thinking Abilities.
  •       Improved Decision-Making Skills.

Don’t miss out on 90 minutes of pure fun and laughter… and don’t say it’s not for you. Improv is literally for EVERYONE. You will leave finding out something about yourself that you didn’t know you had in you. You will leave feeling lighter and yes by god, YOUNGER!! This is a guarantee…It’s a total win-win….and it’s cheaper and faster than years of therapy.

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