Jello is just so 50’s but now it’s a thing. There are recipes for jello parfaits everywhere and we particularly loved this one for Valentines’ Day.

Check out this Valentine’s themed parfait recipe! I adore parfaits for a few reasons.
1. they are served in glasses. Yes, this is totally obvious, but to me this means less of a mess.
2. they are already made into individual servings.
3. they are made up of layers upon layers of deliciousness.

And our first recipe for Valentine’s Parfait Week is just that – it’s all about the layers!


  • 5 boxes of strawberry jello mix, 3 oz each
  • water
  • cool whip
  • strawberries

Total Time Required

Because each layer needs to set before you can add the next, this recipe takes a minimum of 11 hours, however that is based on estimating how long each layer will take to set. I found that it was easiest to make this recipe over the course of 2 days, just be sure to cover the cups in plastic wrap if they will be sitting in the fridge overnight.

Read the recipe here


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