Still haven’t figured out what to get your honey for Valentine’s Day? Here are some last minute ideas:

Spice It Up

Bedroom Vows for Passionate Lovers Game is a collection of naughty suggestions, sexual seductions, and playful surprises — a great way to reward your lover or simply express you’re in the mood. The site also sell Romantic Vows for Affectionate Lovers and Kinky Vows for Adventurous Lovers ($ 12.95) along with a variety of other out of the box gift ideas;

Join the Club

There are so many beer of the month, wine of the month, fruit of the month or even flowers of the month clubs you can order with a simple click. It’s the gift that keeps on giving….plus it’s something you can both enjoy.  Some options we like: for all things Italian; for wines from California, www. for interesting microbrews,,, for gorgeous spring flowers, and for fresh fruit.

Surprise with a Getaway

There’s nothing like a mini vacation to heat up your relationship. And with sites like and, you can get a great deal; after all, isn’t romance about being spontaneous? No vacation time left? No worries. Book a weekend stay at a hotel near you and play tourist for the day. Most local hotels have spas as well, which give you that get-away-from-it-all feeling without ever leaving town.

Spoil the Sports Fanatic

Head over to your partner’s favorite sports site for some gear he’s sure to treasure.

Show How Much You Care

…with a donation to your sweetheart’s favorite charity.

Dinner a Deux

Not necessary to make dinner reservations – instead pick up your favorite takeout and set a picnic in front of the fireplace or perhaps on a tray in bed? Or forget dinner and go straight to breakfast by making something special.

Rub it In

Did you know the simple smell of pumpkin spice might be enough to increase your man’s desire? All you need is aromatherapy oil and your partner will forever thank you. For those living in the dark ages, aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses explosive aromatic plant materials (known as essential oils) for the purpose of improving one’s mood, cognitive functions, health and yes, sex life. And yes, Virginia, they work. The promise of lavender (or any other fragrance you like) mixes with that other promise – that of a romantic massage to follow. After that, you’re on your own.

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