kate middleton dresses like she is 50Why Does Kate Middleton Dress Like She’s 50?

The Daily beast ran this headline that Kate dressed like she was 50. Really! That was a low blow. She may in fact have looked rather like a frump, but why lash out at we 50-somethings? Au contraire, we BA50’s do not consider ourselves frumpy just because we have hit that pivotal age. In fact, our Fashion Friday picks are full of edgy fun looks for the over 50 crowd.

However, we do agree that Kate is not looking her best despite her designer dress but it’s not an issue of age. It’s that her garb reflects that royal English stodgy vibe — dowdy and not celebratory. Ok, so she has the new baby, but she’s still a gorgeous woman. Go classic and chic Kate not frumpy and if you want some good ideas on how to look cool — check in with us every Friday on BA50.

Read the Daily Beast article here: Why Does Kate Middleton Dress Like She’s 50?


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