Julia knows that “Wise women have had a lot more time than we have to figure this life shit out.” On a recent car ride I binged her first 3 interviews interviews  — Jane Fonda, Isabelle Allende and Fran Leibowitz and can’t wait for the next one.

The podcast of Wiser Than Me, aired for the first time on April 11. Julia Louis Dreyfus sits down with women over 70, 80 and more and “goes to school on them.”  Julia is casual, funny and after all these years of watching Veep and Seinfeld – we know Julia and it’s like listening in on a friend’s conversation or one you would like to join in on.

Julia addresses how we learn from great women who are older and wiser and man oh man can she engage in a great interviews. 

At the end of each episode Julia calls her 89 year old Mom Judi.  “Hey mommy, you won’t believe who I talked to today?” And, they have a little Mom and daughter chat which is beyond precious. 

Here’s a little look at what you can expect from the Podcast —

In her first interview with Jane Fonda — Julia gets into Jane’s life.

“Spanning over six decades, Jane – now 85 years old – hits all the highlights: staying fit at any age, fantasizing about funerals, getting heckled on set by Katharine Hepburn…and something about a fake thumb.

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