sugar addictionAre you feeling gross after too much Thanksgiving indulgence?  Lisa and decided to invite you to join us on a 10 day challenge to ditch sugar and we’re making it easy and giving you a big discount.

You can join in any time this week to get your savings just enter the code below.

This is going to be a huge challenge for me as I love my sugar in all forms: chocolate and wine. True Confession: I’m not sure I can do this for 10 days as I AM that sugar addict in this photo! But i’m going to take it one day at a time starting today.

Some questions for Lisa you may want to ask before signing on:

Do I have to give up wine?

Can I have milk in my coffee?

Will I lose weight?

Will I feel less tired?

Check out Lisa’s  website to better understand what you are signing up for. I’m just diving in cold because giving up sugar for a bit has been on my mind FOREVER!

I hope I can make it through DAY ONE!!!!

Join me on the BA50 10-Day Online Ditch Your Sugar Itch Challenge!

Developed by Health & Lifestyle Expert, Lisa Lewtan, Ditch Your Sugar Itch has helped hundreds of women take a break from sugar and get back on track to healthy eating. 

Don’t go into the next round of holidays in the sugar zone!!!

And Lisa is offering a 10% Discount if you register by Thursday at 8pm.

Use Code BA50

When you click here to sign up put in BA50 when it asks for COUPON.

Learn more here: Ditch Your Sugar Itch.  


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