Now that you finally have some downtime to go over our items in your home and wardrobe, you may realize that you either have too many or too few pieces of jewelry. Either way, it is high time that you do something about it. You need to sort them out and find out which pieces deserve a place in your box or what you still need to buy to complete your collection. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Diamond Earrings

A common belief is that each woman should have a diamond set of earrings for formal occasions. While that idea is a bit outdated and not realistic in a lot of cases, having a diamond set is ideal. However, having one pair of diamond earrings is a different ball game. It is something that you should definitely invest in because it is one that you can wear for any formal occasion, and some semi-formal ones.

Pearl Earrings

If a diamond earring is out of your budget, then you can opt to have a more affordable option in pearl earrings. They are as timeless as diamond ones but not as expensive. They are even perfect if you want to have a relaxed and laid back look. But if you can have both diamond and pearl earrings, much better. You can reserve the diamonds for occasions that call for a standout look and the pearls for events when you want a subdued appearance.

Pearl Necklace

Pearls are one of those jewelry items that you can stylize depending on your style. A pearl earring may be perfect for a low-key look, but a string of pearls is go-to for making a big statement, as it is one of the most iconic jewelry one can own – perfect for accessorizing a little black dress or for any occasion that you have in mind. You can never go wrong with a string of pearl necklace.

Pendant Necklace

One of the go-to pieces that you can alternate with your string of pearl necklace for your everyday look is a pendant necklace. You can go for ones that have a slim chain with a considerable length. Go for a pendant that perfectly suits your personality. Or if you want to make it look more elegant, you can go for a necklace with a long chain.

Dress Watch

A dress watch is something that you should have in your collection. You can never go wrong by having a watch that you can comfortably wear for formal events or an intimate dinner. In fact, you can also dress up casual wear with a simple dress watch. You can choose to have a two-toned dress watch that can match any wardrobe you have on.

Tennis Bracelet

An arm candy that wouldn’t hurt to add in your collection is a tennis bracelet. It is perfect for whatever look you are trying to achieve, whether it be casual or sophisticated. Tennis bracelets are not hard to pair up with any wardrobe that you already have. It is one piece of jewelry that you can wear at work and to a night out in Chicago.


Aside from your wedding band, it would also be nice to own another ring. Something that you bought for yourself, as a simple reminder of your hard work. You can choose to buy your jewelry in Chicago to ensure that you have something sentimental to add to your collection.

Having just enough trinkets in your collection is ideal, but if you have the budget to invest in pieces that would make you happy, you can do so. After all, before you know it, your kids would be pouring over their mom’s collection.

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