What’s changed for you since a month ago? Somehow January appears to be a month we ask of ourselves for a little more, to do a little better, even a little less which is a way of doing a little better.

Like many of you I have made conscious changes since Covid 2020. And this January, I have been able to revisit what I want more or less of.

Re-prioritizing what matters most is a dynamic thing.

Many of us are doing just that now. And hopefully, the benefits far outweigh the downside but if not, we make the changes we need if we can.
This year my mantra is Acceptance. It’s the same one as last year because I frankly have some more work to do.

And with the word Acceptance as my guide, I feel clearer about how I want to live, respond, and just be.

I can hear better, I pause more, react less and my heart rate is steadier. But this doesn’t mean the swirling chaos outside is gone. It just gets processed differently.

These are trying times for us all. We have much to be alarmed about for ourselves and more importantly for our children.

How to feel free and not have our days ruled by Fear is a journey of survival that we are on. For me it does not mean checking out, it’s more about how I check in.

So for BA50’s who have so much wisdom, it would be cool to share your journey as well.

What have you done to make yourself feel calmer and more present in your days so far this month?

You can respond to this on Instagram in the comments or on the blog or by email to felice@betterafter50.com.

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