Seems like the minute that August arrives, so do the chilly feet!  It’s easy to throw on a sweater, grab a sweatshirt or don a shawl on a chilly afternoon, but the challenge of defining the footwear is so much more cumbersome.

We get so used to the freedom of spreading toes, that we cringe at the thought of locking them in leather, especially if that also requires the buffer of socks. And seriously in mid-August it’s all too much, too soon, for us to deal with.

Let’s smooth the transition and add a pair of open toe booties to the mix! They are all the rage, totally stylish, come in all heel heights, leather, pleather, suede, studded, strapped, textured or embellished. You name it you can find it and your toes can still sport that pedicure, but be sure to darken the polish to a merlot or navy blue!

Here are a few favorites to choose from…

Vince Tressa

Toms Majorca

Vince Lavette

Vince Kensa


Now go find a stylish sweater, sweatshirt or shawl to don with your new favorite booties!

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