The clocks have sprung forward and it’s getting brighter and lighter outside. Can you feel it, can you see it? We opened the windows and felt the stale air fade. We took deep breaths and sent the wicked witch flying into the stratosphere. Bye bye you stinky old witch. We have broken your spell. Fly away….fly away.

That witch left a mess, an aftermath of a mess. And none of us were able to escape her wickedness. Not the children who couldn’t go to school, or so many who we have lost, who were sickened and still are. It’s been such a mess. But, it’s starting to feel safe and we are poking our heads out… come out….

Come out come out wherever you are…..

Slowly, we are emerging. As so many of us are finally getting that double vaccine in our arms, we are shaking off the ache and fog and starting to emerge like the little munchkins in our favorite Wizard of Oz story, ready to dance. Hi Ho the witch is dead. (Dead enough!)

And yes, yes we know it’s not totally safe yet, but it’s starting to feel a whole lot better and we are being told that by July 4th we will be able to hug and be together. There’s reasons to feel optimistic.

On the one year anniversary of isolation, 2 of our 7 kids (we have 3 married), drove from LA with our grand pup and my son’s in-laws came in to join for a few days too. We celebrated like it was D-Day.

None of us had been around a “group” in a year. We were deliriously happy to all be together and embraced every moment.

We pumped up the music and sang and danced to Bruce and Buffalo Springfield and Fleetwood Mac night after night. We shot pool, we played and played and celebrated together again. This was our second visit with our LA kids in a year and we all felt that time had been stolen and there was not a moment of joy to be missed now.

We ate feasts of BBQ and played in the snow together. The spring temps sent us out into the sunshine in tee-shirts and then in a full pivot, the powder dumped 10 inches of fresh light fluff on the mountain range. It didn’t matter, what was forecasted, it was all good. We had stepped out of the dark side and into the light and we felt liberated.

We sat on the deck in parkas even though we didn’t have to. This was what real life used to feel like. Unselfconscious and unrestricted. The beauty of the sunset heightened, we took way too many pictures and our smiles glowed from deep inside. We hugged alot and laughed more than I can remember. It was the best visit. We wished the whole family could be with us, but we knew we would see everyone soon. We believed this was the beginning of our freedom.


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