So, you finally got your butt off the couch? It’s only been 52 days since that January 1st resolution! Good for you – this is a PR (personal record – just for the record).

What now? Well let me ask you, if you are working out at a gym, a fitness facility or even a parking lot (desperate times call for desperate measures, we are just glad you are moving and shaking) you are going to want to look good doing it! WTF you say? Hey girlfriend, it’s not for me (well maybe a little), but it’s actually for you.

You want to wear workout clothes that make you feel good about yourself, your body and your progress. If you are donning a Flintstones T and plaid pajama bottoms, how does that boost your  confidence?

You’ll be stretching, grunting, sweating and grunting some more, so what sets you apart from the Verizon guy digging a new line outside?

What sets you apart? You are a fabulous female that’s what! And there’s no reason why you can’t rock a look whether you are in LA with your besties or cleaning a toilet!

What started this tirade? Our very own Felice Shapiro sharing her skiing skills while fashionably donning a pair of keylime ski pants! Who does that? Confident women that’s who!

Remember – fashion is supposed to be fun. So, if you are all tied up in dress codes all week, why not mix it up crazy in your workout wear.

Definition of workout – anything that gets you moving, smiling, laughing and exercising indoors or outdoors!

Let’s begin…

Have you been hitting the slopes this season? Let me guess, you are wearing those same black ski pants you bought when Stein Erikson was racing. Probably never washed them either. Well now is the time to shop for something a bit more current and stylish – it’s all on sale, so don’t stress yourself that the lime green wasn’t your first choice – change is good! Ready to shop for you new ski clothing? Check out this Money Crashers link for the Top 20 Brands and how to buy for less.

Have you been staying indoors and hitting the tennis circuit? How’s that skirt fit? Let me tell you girlfriend, this is the time that it is critical to look good from behind. If you think that skirt is too short, it is! And when you bend over to pick up the ball – the peeps in the stands are turning their heads – away! Get yourself a few new tennis bottoms and maybe consider the length of the skirt in inches – yes that’s a thing. You can buy an 11 or a 13 inch – go for the extra yardage – we’ll be glad you did! I have been playing tennis several times a week for many years and my favorite go-to online shop is Tennis Warehouse. Check out this link so you can see what I am referencing about being able to shop by length – either 11″ or 13″ – got a little extra in the bootie – go for the extra 2!

Let’s talk the actual workout – Get In Shape For Women, Planet Fitness, Equinox, whatever plan goes on your credit card. What do they all have in common? Mirrors – freiking mirrors on all the walls – we call that a 360 view. Need I say more? And this is where it is to your benefit to look good, so you feel good, so you feel proud about your progress because you can see your progress as you are not draping T-shirts that are 3 sizes too big for your body. A client favorite (and yes, I help women with ALL aspects of their clothing from undergarments to athletic wear to office attire to wedding clothing!) is Athleta. This company does a great job covering it all – pun intended. They have very inspiring catalogues, that show their clothing in action. They have a wide range of sizes, free shipping and great customer service. I personally prefer ordering online, while sipping Merlot, and I always order two sizes, what the hell, ship one back for free and be sure of the best fit!

Need more help? Just ask…
See you on the courts, on the slopes, on the trail or in the gym! You go girl – just go!


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