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Full-blown Fall arrives October 1st for most of us. Now I know it officially happened on 9/22, but most of us don’t dive into pumpkin lattes, muffins or sidewalk decorations until we hear the word October.

Fall accessories are the best way to style up your current clothing, pull together new looks and freshen up your attitude.

Note – I did not say Winter accessories – so let’s save the huge gauzy scarves, fur collar add-ons and jewel tone gloves until well…winter, or my next post.

fall1Here are some of my favorites categories that you should consider freshening up as you start unearthing last years winter woolies. The items of note are all under $100.

All CATEGORIES have a link behind them for your perusing pleasure! I aim to please…pour a Merlot and peruse away!

Watches – your watch is more than a timepiece, it is a necessary accessory and yes Mildred, you can have several.

Earrings & necklaces – Let’s start a new season with a few new pieces. At well under $100, these are fashion pieces not fine jewelry, so go for either something a bit trendy, or something you have never worn before like chandelier earrings, a chunky ring, stacked bracelets or even sporting two necklaces together. Stacy London loved that look – when working with her in NY, she once had 3 necklaces stacked on!

Cuff Bracelets – Once and done! Pop on a mixed metal cuff and the outfit comes alive! Plus you get to look at it all day long!

Statement Ring – Ooh la la – why not! Think Elizabeth Taylor but under $100 – enough said!

Scarves – We own them, we love them, we wear them – now rotate and freshen them! Add a few patterned connectors that tie in the beautiful jewel tones of fall and bring a spark of life to your same old, same old neutral pieces.

dovestacylondonSocks – If you have to wear socks, make them sassy! I have to admit, I used to have a bit of a sock fetish, or possibly a vacation fetish, because for years I always bought sox when I went on vacation? Odd yes, but certainly a reasonably priced souvenir to enjoy for years to come!

Belts – There are more belts out there than black skinny trouser belts and more ways to wear them than just in loops! Think chains – wrapped around a fluid sweater, adding some shine to a solid chemise, creating a waistline over that black turtleneck. The options are endless when it comes to chain belts. Choose your metal color wisely based on your wardrobe palette so it comes out to play often.

Phone Covers – Look around, it seems we have fallen into boredom land when it comes to our phone covers. Let’s snazzy it up – make a statement and you just might even find it quicker next time it goes momentarily missing!

fall2Sunglasses – Yes there should be ‘shades by seasons’ in your collection. Those bright pink mirrored lenses might not a fall fashion statement make! Find some shades that compliment the colors of the seasons and pack the pinks away with your sandals.

Eyeglass Case – Speaking of your spectacles, they too need a Fall cloak so pick up a new eyeglass case, after all, they are worth it!

Cosmetic Bags – Come on ladies, must you always use the freebies? Shop for one that is more your style and more your size. You’ll feel pretty every time you freshen up those cheeks!

Wristlets – Don’t want to dive in for a new handbag right now? Consider a wristlet – perfect for a trip into the mall or the grocery store. Who needs to lug anything there other than your American Distress card and a few coupons!

Need more inspiration?

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