“These shoes are killing my feet,” I said after a night of dancing. It felt like the shoe was attached to my bunion as I peeled it off.

“Never will I wear these again, my arches hurt, my big toe hurts, I need Epson salts!” I looked forlornly at the silver Prada slip-ons I’d paid too much for and said…”Bye bye.”

That conversation happened 4 years ago and finally I gathered my “collection” for donation to the next generation.

“It starts with your feet, if you don’t have a solid footing your hips will hurt, your back will hurt, everything will hurt. Every house has a foundation and without a strong foundation you will have a wobbly home so pay attention to your feet.” Our yoga teacher woke us up to how our feet where the source of joy and misery.  We would work on pressing into the 4 corners of our feet and noticing how that pressure on the outside of the baby toes and inner heels would run up our legs. We were activated and standing iike homo erectus with these minimal prompts. And, we were sold on the belief that our feet were our ticket to good health. Nevine Michaan, Founder of Katonah Yoga was a genius, she was right about those feet.

But then fashion got in the way of better judgement and foot health and every time I put on a pair of shoes that wasn’t supportive, I would pay.

After a few rounds of golf in my new Echo super cool golf shoes I was screwed. I got Plantar Fasciitis and I can trace my condition to those shoes. So, I threw them out and was told to never ever wear a shoe without some kind of arch support.

2,000,000 Americans are affected by plantar fasciitis each year.

85% of the cases of plantar fasciitis cases have unknown causes. (But it could be your shoes).

40-60 year olds are most affected. 

No more flip flops, no more bare feet in the house. Keep a supportive shoe by your bed I was told even for short trip to the bathroom

And so began the quest for the most comfortable shoe to wear at home.

But never did I ever think the shoe I would find for my middle of the night bathroom treks would become the shoe I would wear with my long flowy summer dress or the shoe I would wear to the beach or the shoe I would gift my kids who loved them.

But, fashion is fickle and when one door closes another opens.

And that’s when Birkenstocks came into my life.

“Those Birkenstocks are so clunky,” I thought. I remember them from the 70’s and there were Birk girls and I wasn’t one of them. I was a Frye boot hipster but not a crunchy granola Birk girl.

When I lived in Colorado, every one who wore Birks seemed to garden and smoke weed. Let’s just say I didn’t garden.

But then there was quarantine and there was no need to get outdoor shoes. Only sneakers, or boots but not shoes. And whenever I was home, which was almost always for a year, I wanted to wear some cozy slippers. And that’s when I saw the furry suede Birkenstocks. So I bought the mustard yellow ones because I love yellow. I bought navy too. And when I slipped my feet into those furry Birks it was blissful. So I bought a pair for each of my daughter-in laws.  I wore them everywhere, even to take the garbage out.

And then when the weather got warmer I bought the non-furry Birks. And I wore them to yoga class and for erranding. I wore them everywhere and my feet never felt better. My bunions never hurt. And the best part is, I now garden in them too and whatever those ladies did in the 70’s I now do too. But in style! 

My foot health has never felt better and I’m grateful for these hipster Birks. I think I’m getting these grey flannel ones next and the furry clogs for everyone. 

Arizona Wool Felt



Arizona Essentials EVA



Arizona Essentials EVA



Arizona BB Sandal


The newest Birk Slipper I may have to buy this one


Boston Big Buckle Genuine Shearling Clog



Arizona Essentials EVA


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