Are you hovering in the dreaded W’s?
W E I G H T & W A I T 

I meet new women every day. It’s just the business that I am in and I am in it because I am a people person. I guess you could say ‘people’ are my business.

Recently while talking with a business associate, I was sharing the transformation results of a client and she remarked, “You are so much more than a personal stylist, you are a coach, a mentor and an inspiration.”

And she is right. When someone lets you in, as a professional you need to be ready to navigate the landscape and go on the journey wherever your client takes you, wherever they need to go. And it is always about the journey, as oftentimes they haven’t yet decided on the destination.

Here’s what I know about what weight loss can do for your confidence. Let me take you down what has become a familiar path for me.

The relationship starts the minute I meet a fabulous new woman through networking, referrals or even just at the grocery store. (Side-note – I know I have told you that you just might meet your next client, new girlfriend or maybe your future partner at the grocery store, so always be sure to dress the role).

She schedules the 30-minute phone consult, which triggers an online questionnaire so that our time together will be well spent. Oftentimes, she will reference weight gain right away as one of the challenges she is having. Other times she will skirt the issue and wait until we are on the phone together and then the conversation becomes comfortable and familiar and she will share that she just doesn’t feel like herself anymore. She has noticed as she approaches the 60-something cliff that her body has a mind of its own and quite frankly it is literally gaining on her.

I specialize in creating a safe zone where we can work on teaching her how to get to know her body, like her body and THEN we can dress her body. I am a firm believer in empowering you to like the body you are in, as long as you like yourself at the same time.

However, I find many women start out being ‘okay’ with weight gain and then they realize that it is making everything else more difficult. Health issues start to pop up such as hurting knees, blood pressure, a general increase in stress and lowering of self-esteem.

They talk about dressing to conceal, also known as draping, which only makes them look and feel bigger. They don’t shop for pleasure; they shop out of frustration because what is in their closet is now ill fitting. They feel guilty that they have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit and now they must go and buy more.

Oftentimes they will shop at deep discount stores, buying bulk instead of quality which turns into a vicious cycle because the clothing doesn’t fit well, doesn’t last long and doesn’t look flattering. It is a slippery slope and many times the women feel alone and frustrated.

The first step is acknowledging that it is challenging and not something that we are naturally adept at.

I have worked with clients at the height of their weight gain and made them look and feel fabulous! That has resulted in increased confidence, activity, enthusiasm, engagement and lo and behold, healthier eating habits and subsequent weight-loss.

You may ask, what is the point of spending money to make yourself look good in clothing that won’t fit 6 months from now? Well the answer is obvious, without that boost of self-esteem the motivation to change may not have come.

So, if you are living in the world of the dreaded W’s – W.E.I.G.H.T and W.A.I.T, it’s time to make a change. Now is the time for you to achieve all your dreams that you have put on hold for everyone and everything else.

Now is the time for you to move your stuff to the top of the list and do something for you.

By defining the checkpoints that may motivate you personally and then taking action, you can get from one side of the mountain to the other in a very short time.

I want to leave you with one final thought from Arthur Ashe.

“Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can.”

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