Come on ladies, I know we just indulged in Valentine’s Day, but we are not talking about lacy red thongs or purple negligees.

We’re talking about styling elements that set your clothing apart from the same old, same old.

They don’t have to be styling elements that are at the top of the heap when it comes to a new trend (think open-shoulder shirts that are now deads-ville).

But rather surprise elements that can take a basic item out of the darkness, so they can possibly become one of your favorite go-to’s.

I recently updated some of my personal athleisure-wear while shopping at one of my favorite stores, Athleta.

Nothing really varied when it came to a top and a bottom that made them so out of line with my more classic style, but it certainly set me apart in the gym and on my to and fro errands. Still covered, still comfortable, still functional, but with a bit of a flair.

The first is the necessary coverup to shield my sleeveless tank in case I don’t want to reveal my upper arms darting to and fro. A basic, but with a sassy split back. I’m not showing my bare back or my derrière because this is the second piece to the layering look that adds a bit of interest to my backside. And as I always say to my clients, you need to look good when you leave the room because people gaze at you longer as you are walking away than they do when you are approaching.

The second piece is the workout aka yoga pant. They are still high-rise, comfortable, fully contained workout pants, but they have this sassy styling element down the sides. That sassy styling element comes in so many options it’s hard to choose. You could have open criss-crossing, mesh panels or printed fabric inserts that can  wisk you away from your boring black yoga pants.

How do you take the styling elements from your workout-wear to your work-where? Pick the category first. One of the easiest categories to add a bit of edge to, are blouses. For two reasons, one they tend to not be the most expensive item in your wardrobe, unless of course you’re still a 100% silk girl, who’s having an affair with her dry cleaner. The second reason is that blouses, considered a soft element, are matched back to your basic hard elements such as pants, skirts and jackets. Think of it as the frosting on the cake. Add flare with cuffs, sleeve shapes, collar adornments, beautiful buttons, pleating, backside interest, color-blocking, again the list is endless. The point being, don’t just buy a boring button front blouse!

The other category that you could infuse some zing into would be your sweaters for the same reasons that I just stated for blouses.

Lastly, at the other end of the spectrum are your shoes. As much as I tout that you need to have a black flat, a black heel, a black booty and maybe a black knee-high boot, if that’s the only color you have in your personal shoe department, then your shoes are downright boring.

Spring is the perfect time to experiment and introduce some freshness into your wardrobe. Need more inspiration? Sign up for my blog and receive a free chapter download of my book, Confidence Is Always In

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