is your jewelry making you look oldHave you ever looked in the mirror and something about you felt frumpy and old?  If it wasn’t the makeup, or hair or clothes, take closer look.  It might just be your jewelry that’s aging you.  

Recently, while rummaging through my jewelry, I took out a Puka bead necklace I hadn’t seen in years I knew it was kind of dated, but thought it might work by pairing it with another beaded necklace. The result couldn’t have been further from the truth.   

You know how they say listen to that little voice inside of you?  Well that little voice started out as a whisper telling me to take off the necklace and the longer the day went on, the louder the voice got.  At one point while looking in a mirror, I actually heard it scream at me, “Stop wasting time and take it off now!

It makes you  look so old.  Old. Old. Old.”    

So I did.  Ripped it off and tossed it in the trash.  As a few of the beads scattered and rolled around on the bathroom floor it got me thinking.   Was my jewelry aging me?  When was the last time I updated my necklaces?  

Can jewelry make you look old?  The answer?  Yes.  Mood rings, friendship bracelets, toe rings and lacquer earrings from the 80s anyone?

Small business owner of the online jewelry store  Trends by Meg, Megan Rochelle agrees.  “Jewelry is a great way to express yourself,” says Rochelle, “It can date you, but when done correctly it’s a fun, easy way to instantly update your outfit.”    

We purge our closets, our clutter or clothes.  It was time for me to do the same with jewelry.

Getting Started:

Lay everything out in similar groups.   Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. 

Now take a good look piece by piece and be honest.  

Do you love it?  

When was the last time you wore the piece?    

How does it feel when you put it on?  Fabulous?  Glamorous? Finished?   

Then keep it.  

Ambivalent?  Then get creative and try pairing it with another item in your pile or try wear  it out for a day.  At the end of the day, if you’re still unsure,  It may be time to retire it,  or you may just find yourself ripping it off and tossing it  in the trash like the 20 year old Puka beads.

Too overwhelming a task?  Enlist a friend or family member to help. Be easy on yourself.  If it took you years to amass your collection, it’s going to take more than a day to debride it. 

Once you’ve cleared out your clutter, consider investing in one or two inexpensive trendy costume jewelry pieces.   

According to Rochelle, hot items for spring are statement necklaces and statement earrings as well as chunky chain necklaces, tassel necklaces and collar necklaces.  “Pendants are also big this season and layering them is a great way to update your wardrobe.”  Also new on the scene is negative space jewelry designed with empty space as a focal point.

However warns Rochelle,  pick only one trendy piece to wear at a time. Wearing more than one oversized statement piece at the same time can be a big “no”.

Rochelle reminds women that wearing jewelry well is a balance of incorporating new pieces while staying true to your own sense of style.  “And staying within your color scheme with jewelry complimenting your clothes makes for a polished look.”  

Wary of accessorizing with stripes?   “Don’t be,” says Rochelle. “Black and white stripes pair well with pearl statement necklaces while colored stripes look well with crystal.”  

Most of all she says is to have fun.  Experiment.  “Jewelry is one thing that has the power to make you feel unique.”

Some jewelry do’s and don’ts.


  • Take inventory of what you have before you start buying new items. 
  • Consider enlisting a friend for help.
  • Use thin chains when layering and mix a pendant or two in
  • Mix and un-match those boxed earrings and necklace sets to create your own style.  
  • Be true to your own style and preferences. 


  • Layer large statement pieces.  Pick either statement earrings or a necklace .
  • Wear too many trendy pieces at once
  • Get rid of something you may regret later.  A sentimental piece should be saved and  even framed like artwork
  • Get frustrated.  If it’s been years since you’ve purged, it may take some time to revamp your collection
  • Let a trend dictate your style.  If you hate it, don’t wear it just because it’s “in”


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