Felice and Jazzy feeling happy in the Mini Cooper.

Everyone told me not to get a Mini Cooper….”It’s too small, it’s not safe!”

I never notice anyone’s car — I don’t get a lot of joy from cars. I call my husband’s SUV the “Beast” because it’s an nondescript behemoth. After driving my 10 year old Audi, ¬†I finally ignored my families concerns and bought this little Mini Cooper. It makes me laugh and feels edgy. ¬†It met all my qualifications: good mileage, good price, easy to park, small enough to zip around in and plenty of room inside for my pup and all my sports toys. No buyers remorse for me.




ronna with red car

Ronna prefers to drive her kid’s hand me down…a 2010¬†Volvo C30. ¬†She doesn’t know anything about cars, and really, as¬†long as it drives her¬†from one location¬†to another, she’s happy. ¬†But she loves the color red (tres sexy), the gas mileage, the size (small, easy to park) and the zippyness. Obviously, this car would look much better if she were holding a little doggie. ¬†Please email her husband to let him know that an accessory doggie is just what is needed to this complete this look.




Lizzy and Bo know this VW Golf is politically an issue due the emissions scandal — but they love buzzing around in it.

Lizzy loves her little VW Golf despite the front page articles screaming about emission lies. She’s been driving it for 5 years and it’s still as spunky as ever. She brings her doggies everywhere without worry about wear and tear — it’s very sturdy and not fussy. ¬†Her favorite thing about it is mileage and it’s reliability. She’s not a car person either — and this little car feels like it does the trick.

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