I know it’s a spoof…but this one made me laugh so hard I had to send it to my kids, though a few years ago they introduced me to the Onion, a spoof news site, in the first place (and I have been laughing ever since.)

If your kids went back through their text message history with you…what would it look like? Yeah, it made me go back and check. Of course it did… and it wasn’t nearly this bad….but from now on, I’m going to watch myself so that it doesn’t (I plan on continuing to ask them about coming over for dinner and when they will be home next.)

Do your text messages to your kids read as a succinct chronology of all your relatives’ hospital visits?

“It’s all here,” the fake article (it’s supposed to be fake) reports, of a young man being interviewed about his mom’s text messages, “this is when Grandpa fell and had to be rushed to St. John’s, and there’s when Aunt Gloria got her appendectomy,” said Garcia, scrolling through the texts that indicated the date and time of each trip to the hospital…

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