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The Upside of Anxiety: 5 Ways It Helps Us Be Our Best Selves

Anxiety can certainly destroy the hearts and minds of many among us. It can be debilitating and make getting through the day and the many tasks it entails very difficult or even impossible. Anxiety can immobilize and paralyze even the most talented and persistent among us. Sometimes it is chronic. For others it sneaks up and rears its exhausting head when we are taking a test or simply trying to be social. It can lead to avoidance, poor performance and overwhelming stress levels. All of those who suffer from anxiety disorders have their own personal stories to tell. And they are tales of perspiring when trying to get through a difficult moment; avoiding an important meeting because of a fear of falling apart and/or abruptly exiting a situation because of a fear of losing control. The stories are endless and heartbreaking. I know. I have listened to you, your children and perhaps even your neighbors speak about how anxiety can destroy a moment, a day or even a life.

We can all agree that excessive amounts of anxiety have nothing good to offer and are certainly not welcome visitors in our lives. On the other hand, we all need a bit of anxiety to live the best lives possible. I have seen how just the right amount of anxiety or the sweet spot of anxiety can enhance a life and the lives of those around us. Psychologists refer to the Yerkes-Dodson Law, which suggests that we need just the right amount of arousal/anxiety to perform optimally. With either too little or too much anxiety we are not able to perform at an optimal level. We need to find the sweet spot on an individual basis. It varies for each of us. And, it is certainly no easy task to calibrate our anxiety levels.

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