Gray hair is totally and unequivocally “in.”  Are you ready?

Actually, it is now called Granny Hair, not Gray Hair. And I am pretty sure that this term is only used to describe gray hair on a person that is not actually, or nowhere close to actually being, a grandma. Like if you are 30 or 40, for example, it is quite cool to have granny hair.

For those of us really in the know, we refer to it now as #grannyhair. My Friday morning coffee was accompanied by a Today Show piece on the new popularity of #grannyhair; my twitter and instagram feeds inundated with fabulous shades of gray, silver, ash, and everything in between. From what I have read, this hot new trend started when Jean Paul Gaultier (hooray for him) featured silver haired older models during Paris Fashion Week.

Lady Gaga, Kelly Osbourne, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna have embraced the trend.




So have a whole lot of normal (non-celebrity) people. And since I know you will probably not be whipping out your smart phone and searching #grannyhair, I did it for you.  Here are a few more examples of what’s HOT, HOT, HOT from twitter and instagram:





Pretty awesome, right?

I know so many midlife women who totally rock their natural silver streaks. I’m not one of them, of course, but these pics are making me think twice. One look at these pictures and I started to imagine myself with a short, silver gray, straight, but a little edgy, haircut (never mind that my hair is totally curly with significant frizz.) I imagined a little statement to go along my Granny Hair- adding a streak of green in support of eco-awareness, or a streak of pink in support of breast cancer research, or purple, in support of….hmmmm….Barney?

I started to imagine how great it would be not to be married to Eric, my hairdresser (though surely, I would miss our talks.) I imagined how much money I would save, that I could give to cancer research, put away for retirement, or buy a coveted pair of Jimmy Choos? I imagined how much extra time I would have if I simply embraced the Granny in me? Now that it’s cool… shouldn’t I go for it?

On the other hand (there is always another hand), I think what makes this trend so… well… trendy, is the juxtoposition of a beautiful young face with the “old” hair. I am not sure I can pull off the young face without enduring a lot of extra pain, time and a whole lot of extra money.

I am too close to being an actual granny to pull off the granny look. At least I hope I am (this is what I have said to each of my unmarried adult children, “oh please, please, just promise me I’ll be a grandma someday…”) I’m afraid that ship has sailed for me.

On the other hand, I am partially there already. My roots happen to be quite #trendy right now due to an unfortunate set of circumstances which required me to reschedule a number of hair color appointments (I know, who cancels a hair appointment?)

I could go either way right now. And just as I was wondering what to do, I ran into a friend who commented on my recent blow out.

“Wow, your hair looks nice!” she told me.

Forgetting everything I learned in kindergarten, I replied, “OMG, are you kidding me? Look a little more closely!” And then I took my hands to the top of my head, shoved my part in her face, and said, “Check out these roots! They’re awful!”

My friend was a little shocked. After all, what’s she supposed to say? “Wow… that’s gross…get thee to the hairdresser!” There was simply an awkward silence.

And so to the hairdresser is where I am headed, tomorrow. I’m not quite ready for #Grannyhair (I’m not even comfortable that I have used the hashtags correctly.)

But I will not be surprised if someday soon one of my daughters comes home more gray than I.  And if that happens, I will go granny just so she gets rid of it.


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