We might have written a different headline for this article, more to the point of the video it showcases…a title something like, Is It Our Fault Millennials Suck?  There is an awful lot of Millennial bashing around in the media lately (and in this video specifically,) and we personally know quite a few Millennials who are not at all happy about it.

So do Millennials really suck? (At BA50, we actually think that the Millennials we know are pretty awesome!) And who are Boomers to complain about them anyway? Have you looked in mirror lately?

But watch this video, and tell us what you think…and if you dare, send along to your kids.


and then for a little more food for thought, to be fair to the Millennials we know and love, you might also like this video:

and check this out too…

…maybe Millennials aren’t so bad after all?

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