In the movie, Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts dismisses a series of compliments from Richard Gere by saying, “The bad stuff is easier to believe, have you ever noticed that?” There is a reason why doubts, fears and negativity seem to penetrate our psyche and deliver a heavy emotional punch that can feel hard to shake. Words carry a vibrational frequency, just like music. Similar to feeling the deep bass notes of a song booming throughout the body, wide waves of negativity resonate with a palpable force that slow and lower our vibration.

Whether negative thoughts are self-inflicted, spring from other’s perceptions of us, or come from hearing disheartening words, to combat the heavy, resonate power of the low notes, turn up the volume on the high notes.  The highest vibration that carries the power to break old patterns, lift your spirit, and allows you to shine with a pure awareness of your innate, inner beauty – is Love.  

Life works better when you aren’t driving in reverse. Therefore, how do you keep your gaze forward rather than staring through the rear view mirror of regret? How do you brush aside the debris of doubt that is cluttering your road and impeding your progress?  How do you snuff out fear’s flames threatening to burn up your bridges to a future designed by your inner purpose?  How do you boost your confidence? 

The bottom line is, how do you get back into the driver’s seat of your own life – with a clear destination determined by your will, rather than feeling like a passenger who is a victim of circumstances outside of your control? My book, “Finding Peace at the Center of the Storm,” is a collection of 226 new & original quotes to help break free from the chains of indecision, untangle confusion, quell anxiety, reduce stress, manage pressure, and rise above the pit of despair.  

“Life is too short to carry the burden of betrayal.”

“Have the courage to be different, you are anyway.”

“Beliefs are like seeds and bulbs. They will grow what you plant.”

You are the conductor of an invisible orchestra creating the music of your life. Although the low notes might feel powerful and at times, blaring, remember that only the Soprano can shatter glass.

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