This is where I spent the last year, in the belly of the Dog – a yoga studio called Laughing Dog in Wellesley, Ma. I arrived at this time and place because of what had come before, decisions made so many years ago, lifetimes , really, continents, really, The unfolded view of my life, half, – no, – more, – done and obsessively dedicated to a notion from that pitted past – always be there, for them, through them, because of them, the them that has become me – actually the me that dissolved into the them and now here, a diluted broth, weakened with time, somewhat flavorless – a new recipe, some new fresh ingredients, a smaller pot with a greater purpose, find the stock, the essence infusing my marrow within me – a time to cook for myself now and so to the belly.

A place of warmth and light, an incubator of potential, rebirth and connection, unblocking, stretching, re-opening , slowly unbunching connective tissue, inner spiral, shoulders of the back, the kind words, the gentle accepting air, the sounds of the infinite Om, the strands of muscle and tissue, slowly opening, oxygenating, from the toes up , relearning, realigning, a cell at a time, rebooting, rebirthing between the ground and the sky. The tailbone tucks, the spine elongates, the small of the back curves. Bones breathe and organs rebuild, here in the belly of the dog.

A new step, a dance, a way to be, with me, for me, the movement fluid , inner body bright, the c curve, the cha cha, the warrior, new ways to see myself – reprinting and recoding, after a long swim as the pilot whale, holding it together, for them through them with love and richness, joy and sadness, all passing through like a position on a dial – compass pointing new directions, shapes, sounds, flows, the body will be my vehicle, roll over, sit up, press play – let’s go, now with the flow, in it, from my belly of my dog, I arch to greet the new one.

Dedicated to the spirit of  the Laughing Dog.

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