With all the hoopla going on in the news last week, you may have missed some of the articles that caught our 2013_09_26_17_54_50editors’ attention. Here are a few we liked…

Yes, we were interested in hearing the speeches and seeing the processions, but we won’t lie and say we weren’t  also interested in the fashions!

All of Melania and Ivanka’s Inauguration Outfits


No one can deny that the turnout on Saturday for the various Women’s Marches around the world was overwhelming. Even those who are not easily impressed (say, celebrities), were beside themselves.

Helen Mirren Is Overcome At Inspiring Women’s March in New York City


There’s nothing like a good cat fight. (And we don’t mean anything connected to Saturday’s Women’s March). A new film about two Hollywood “frenemies” promises to be a hit.

Here’s Your First Look at Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange in “Feud: Bette and Joan


Caroline Kennedy has spent the last few years being the US Ambassador to Japan, and now that her time there is done, she’s moving on to bigger and better things. Very excited to JFK’s daughter!

JFK’s Daughter Caroline Kennedy Just made an Historical Career Announcement — Get Ready

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