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Baby Boomers Are Taking On Ageism — And Losing
Boomers are “often needing to stay in jobs longer than they anticipated to shore up savings depleted during the Great Recession, or simply wanting to remain active further into their lengthening life spans, (and) they’re coming up against a strong preference in America for youthful ‘energy’ and ‘innovation.’”


Seniors Who Live Alone Rate Physical Health Higher, Mental Health Lower
“People over 65 who live alone were more likely to describe their health as excellent or very good than were seniors who live with others, according to a study exploring connections between older Americans’ health status and their living arrangements.”


Feeling Guilty About Not Flossing? Maybe There’s No Need
“Maybe the evidence that flossing reduces tooth decay or gum disease does not hold up because we are all such poor flossers.”


Why It’s So Important to Have Long-Distance Friends
Your friends who go way back understand things that newer friends—no matter how close you are with them—simply might not get. But these “long-distance friendships require a special kind of TLC in order to maintain them—you can’t just meet whenever for a quick coffee, after all.”



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