Grouchy, testy, anxious, irritable…if you’re feeling any of those things you are not alone in the Baby Boomer pool.

Sure, that’s a little bit harsh, but here’s where  New York Times author Marilyn Suzanne Miller thinks we fall on the life cycle ladder:

“To those of us in it, the new middle age in America is the most despised age ever, right up there with ‘stillborn’ and ‘dead.'”

This article is hysterical (as well as depressing)…and the part we liked the best was the part where she talks about how there are no TV shows out there specifically for our demographic:   Why aren’t there TV shows out there for us…Ms. Miller suggests a few titles of her own that might do well with the boomer set:

“Trapped Between Killingly Costly Kids in College and Heartbreakingly Aging Parents in Assisted Living’?”

“What Do You Think This Lump Is?” (quiz show)

“We’d Like to See the Dessert Menu” (sitcom about dating in midlife)

“Panic Investing in Midlife” (Sunday a.m., with expert panel: Warren Buffett, Ben and Jerry, Beyoncé and that cartoon fish, Dory)

“Hip and Knee Replacements for $100” (the new “Mature Jeopardy”).

Read more and see whether you agree here.

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