Everyone is talking smoothies, and this one comes to us from Lauri Meizler, founder & CEO of Joos.

“When it comes to making the ultimate smoothie, stay as seasonal as possible.

Spring is the wet season when many of us develop sniffles and colds, so it’s a good time to stay away from dairy products, as they produce mucus. It is also the time of year we cleanse off the pounds we gained during the winter to insulate us from the cold. We’re meant to eat a diet high in greens during spring, and they are growing in abundance at this time of year.

The problem is that many of us are so far removed from what we’re meant to eat for two primary reasons:
Our diets are now composed highly of processed foods
Fruits and veggies are shipped to us from all over the world throughout the year, which means we’ve lost touch with what truly are seasonal fruits and vegetables.  For example, when I was growing up, grapes came into season during the summer. Now they’re available all year round.

A Greek friend of mine told me that when her grandmother moved to this country, she used to pick the dandelions. The reason was dandelions contain a myriad of health benefits and are natural diuretics–important health benefits at this time of year. These days we view dandelions as those nasty weeds that ruin our lawns, but in actuality, they are very healthful.”

Here’s a smoothie recipe to boost your immunity for the spring:

1 cup dandelion greens
1 cup kale
1 cup chard
1 apple, chopped
juice of 1 lemon (add the rind if you’d like a more “buttery” taste)
1 cup blueberries (and/or raspberries, blackberries)
½ cup aloe juice

Whirr everything together in a blender until smooth. Makes two servings. Enjoy!

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