60th birthday cakeTurning 60! Are you kidding? (Gulp)

Some women take it in stride. It’s no big deal! It’s only a number! Good for them!

For the majority of women I know, there’s something about turning SIX ZERO that creates anxiety, depression, trepidation, dread, fear and worry.

Turning thirty was difficult, but there were still a lot of years to live. Turning 40, was a milestone birthday, because one now hits the downhill slide towards decrepitude, especially being single and alone. I “felt” young, I knew I looked good, but the number four zero, didn’t sit well. Maybe it was affecting me more because of my situation–unmarried and no children. People would say, “What’s wrong with her? She’s beautiful, smart, outgoing, and has a great sense of humor, but no husband?” The pressure of finding that special someone was intense!

Turning 50 crept up on me. Still unmarried, no children. The pressure was now excruciating! My bio clock is over, my eggs have died, and there’s no hope of conceiving. How will I survive? AARP continually showed up in my mailbox and off it went right into the trash.

I’m on this journey right now, anticipating my 60th next month. You realize that growing older chronologically is not an option. I am, however in a great place. I got married for the first time to a wonderful man, thankfully I am healthy and enjoy my life with an amazing group of friends. What could be wrong with turning 60? In ten years, I’ll be 70, and  that “sounds” old. I actually have some friends who are 70, and they do not look old or act old. So what is wrong with turning 60?

Yes, each birthday is a time for reflection, but especially this time. It’s happening. Years are flying by at lightning speed. More people are doing extraordinary things well into their 80′s and beyond. It should give all of us hope. The biggest challenge and the one I worry about the most is taking care of our health as the odds are against us, the older we get.

I know turning 60 isn’t the worse thing in the world, because we know, the alternative is not good. And for this, I am thankful, I am lucky, and I am happy…to have reached sixty. I do have wonderful friends, a loving partner, and great cousins. I am retired, so I get to do marvelous, exciting things: travel, read, write, and just about anything I want to do when I want to do it!

Maybe 60 is the new 40. Maybe the only important realization that comes with turning 60 is that renewed reminder that life is so incredibly fleeting and precious. And with that, we should try the very best we can, to enjoy each moment of every day, preferably surrounded by people we love.

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