What’s different for women over 50? This generation of women over 50 are re-defining what 50 and after means and there is no question that we are indeed Better After 50. There’s so many great examples to draw on for inspiration.

I never tire of hearing about women over 50 who are rolling up their sleeves, lacing up their running shoes or hiking boats and diving into their lives with gusto. Many make changes because they have to others because they choose to.

Better After 50 walks the walk and this piece begins the launch of a new series about inspiring women both famous and in the news or celebrated in their small towns. After 50 is not a time to stop dreaming … it is a time for reflection and change and action.

This month I am launching a series to celebrate women over 50 with inspiring stories and videos. We would love to hear about your story and please feel free to contact me at editor@betterafter50.com if you would like to be published or considered to be interviewed.

Journalist Connie Shultz’s amazing story speaks about life changes and not becoming invisible. She became a journalist later in life and her wise words speak of how to squash the negative voice and power forward. It’s a story about making your dreams a reality which is what she did.

We hope this you find this story as inspiring as we did.

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