It can be hard to remember to take your medicine. It’s even harder to worry about whether a loved one has been staying on track. HERO wants to make the way you take medicine smart, connected, and delightful with the beautiful HERO smart appliance, which launched for pre-orders on Tuesday.



Your Medicine Cabinet, Reinvented

The HERO smart appliance stores up to 10 different types of medications, vitamins or supplements in easy-to-load cartridges. It dispenses them on schedule, or on-demand at the push of a button, almost like a one-touch espresso machine. You also get reminder notifications to your mobile device when it’s time to take a pill, as well as alerts on loved ones when they miss a pill. For caregivers, HERO provides the ultimate peace of mind – imagine never worrying about whether mom or dad took their pills. With HERO, that information is always at your fingertips.

Sorting is a Thing of the Past

Can you imagine not having to sort your pillbox every week? Now it’s a reality. With HERO, you simply pour your pills into a cartridge and slide it in. Then, you name your pill and enter how often you take it. That’s it. HERO does all the heavy lifting so all you have to do is push a button.



HERO App Keeps You on Track

The HERO mobile app provides you with all the information you need to stay on track. You can see what pills you took, what pills you missed, and information on your loved ones too. Receive alerts when your pills are running low. You can even reorder your supplements directly from the app through Amazon. And for households with young kids, don’t worry. HERO is password protected so kids won’t be able to access it.

“We created HERO to make it easier and more intuitive to care for ourselves and our loved ones. The user’s experience and well-being is our first priority.” – Kut Akdogan, co-founder of HERO.

HERO puts an end to the mountain of pills and pill bottles lying all over your kitchen counter. No more time wasted sorting and mixing and worrying. With HERO, you no longer have to worry about if you missed your pill, or if mom missed her pill. And if she did, you’ll get notified immediately and can give her the extra nudge to stay on track.

You can pre-order HERO at an early bird special of $399 USD. Special pricing includes the HERO smart appliance and a free 3 month trial of HERO Connect. HERO ships in early Summer 2016. Pre-order your HERO NOW and get $50 off.


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